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In Cee Lo Green’s “Bright Lights Bigger City” music video there is the reoccurring theme of Cee Lo’s typical crazy nights out on the town. The name of the song already suggests what the song is going to be about, and it does not deceive. In the actual video you see Cee Lo driving around in his decked out Rolls Royce with a gorgeous scantily dressed blond woman who seems to be his love interest of the night.

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Clothing advertisements

In this American Eagle Outfitters advertisement you are shown a picture of what seems to be an outrageous party. In the foreground there is a girl sitting on a guys shoulders both yelling into the air as if celebrating something. All of the people seen in this advertisement are wearing American Eagle clothing from top to bottom.

This advertisement clearly serves to show one purpose, which is to depict the mood and style of American Eagle as a company but also as a population of customers. This advertisement is obviously aimed very directly at a teenage population which is very fitting since teenagers make up a large portion of their customers.


This Aeropostale advertisement depicts what “real teens” are like. All of the teenagers have huge smiles on and are sitting close together the way a group of close knit friends would sit for a picture. The “real” teens are wearing Aeropostale outfits with the logo in plain view on all of them.

This advertisement serves Aeropostale in the way that you might get people to re-think their opinion on what a “real” teen looks like. The overall theme of this advertisement is to show the face of their customer population. In my opinion they do a horrible job of getting their point across, and by labeling this advertisement with “real teens” just excludes their older shoppers from the advertisement.


In this Hollister advertisement you are shown what almost seems like a picture perfect scene. There is a boy holding two surfboards one of which seems to belong to the girl kissing his cheek. Both the boy and girl in this advertisement are wearing Hollister brand clothing.

This advertisement is supposed to make it seem like picture perfect moments are made in Hollister clothing. I feel like in this particular advertisement they have done a good job of advertising their product without being excessively aggressive.

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Hello world!

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